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MPK Electrical’s first Electric Fence System Installer course for 2021 will be held at the MPK Electrical Training Centre and it’s an opportunity for Installation Electricians (IEs) to qualify with EWSETA and be registered with the Department of Labour as Electric Fence System Installers (EFSIs). This course is an RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) course for persons who have been in the Electric Fence Installation field for more than two years.

Electric fence installations may only be done (and a Certificate of Compliance therefore issued) by registered Electric Fence System Installers (EFSIs) and anyone who would like to register as an EFSI in terms of the Electrical Machinery Regulations 12 – 14, can attend the MPK Electrical’s EWSETA-accredited Electric Fence Installer course, which is presented at the Germiston eight times a year.

Entry requirements

As this is an RPL course, it addresses the shortfall between Installation Electrician (IE) and Electric Fence System Installer.

Persons who wish to register for RPL as an Electric Fence System Installer should:

  • Be over the age of 16;
  • Be a qualified electrician (must have passed his/her trade test);
  • In possession of a Wireman’s Licence in Single Phase or Installation Electrician or Master Installation Electrician;
  • Must have at least two year’s working experience as in Electric Fence System Installer.
  • Certified Wiremans licence

Course outline

Unit Standards:

  • Electric Fence Installations.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of electric fencing.
  • Apply cabling methods.
  • Use elementary electronics as applied to electronic systems.
  • Configure an installation.
  • Determine installation requirements.
  • Explain the use of installed systems.
  • Assessment .

Included in this course

  • Pre-assessment of attendees (please read above entry requirements).
  • Course on Electrical Fence Installations.
  • Copy of SANS 10222, the National Standard applicable to electric fences.
  • Copy of the Electrical Machinery Regulations 2011.
  • Training on all the required unit standards (above).

If attendees are found competent, application will be made on their behalf for the statement of competency from EWSETA. Once this is received, attendees can apply to the Department of Labour to be registered as an EFSI and MPK Electrical will provide guidance on this registration process.

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